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    Can I Record My Discussion with the Doctor?

    While some feel that recording a medical examination discussion can help patients better follow physician's instructions or help them recall information about diagnoses which may have been missed, it is equally effective to have a family member, friend, or advocate with you to assist in these ways.

    Recordings can inadvertently put the patient's privacy at risk if anyone else gets access to the recording and plays it. Information from discussions about family members or a family history of illnesses can go beyond the immediate patient. As well, it can create an adversarial and difficult working environment.

    Michigan law prohibits the recording, interception, use or disclosure of any conversation, whether in person, telephone or via any electronic communication system, without the permission of all the parties. Violators can face both civil and criminal penalties.

    We respectfully decline all recording within our office.

  • Patient Portal

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    To best serve our patients, Michigan Retina-Vitreous Institute provides patients electronic access to our practice. To obtain secure access, you will need an identification name and password. Our office will provide you with this. Registered patients will have secure access to the following services at their fingertips:

  • View your medical record chart summary
  • Request a new appointment or appointment change
  • Request lab & test results
  • Request a medication refill
  • Request additional educational materials
  • Send a non-urgent message to the medical team
  • Send a question to the billing department

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